Tokyo – Day 4, March 28

I don’t know how it’s possible after walking so much yesterday, but I didn’t sleep well. I badly want a different pillow. I kept waking up in the middle of the night wide awake. It must be the last stage of jetlag. I have a lingering sore throat.

So there was more rain today which made things harder. I have to wear many layers because it is chilly. People still wear masks here, so I am too. I have a rain hat and an umbrella, plus I need to hold my phone so I can follow Google maps for directions. So I feel a little slow and cumbersome, but the people here move fast so there is often a little jostling. I say, “Sumimasen” for “excuse me” a lot.

I figured out how to get to Roppongi to go to some museums, but they were all closed today. Ugh. All of them said they were open today on Google, but they were not open. But Roppongi was very cool. It’s an upscale, adult-oriented community popular with ex-pats. One of the closed museums was in a mall. The shops and merchandise were so lovely and serene. Each one looked like a boutique. The clerks looked like they should be on a runway.

I did walk into a Fuji Film museum with some stunning photographs. It was very nice.

I just had sushi for lunch near my hotel and I’m going on a food tour tonight that I booked on TripAdvisor.

Update: the food tour was fantastic! I met a lot of people and we had special food and drinks. The guide was funny. Most of the people were Southern Californians. Two ladies were from Melbourne. Three guys were from Cleveland. A gal was from Austria. Most people were traveling alone. One man has three grown kids who went to La Jolla Country Day. Small, small world. We talked about Tommy Edman. A guy from Virginia highly recommended an Airbnb experience so I signed up when I got home. It’s a wagyu beef and sake tasting.