Travel Day – Taipei to Seoul – Day 31, April 24

It was just a travel day from Taipei to Seoul today so not much to report. I’m in my nice little Hotel Sunbee in Seoul.

I took a walk around the little lake in front of my hotel before I got ready for the taxi ride to TPE. I was there too early and spent time looking around, walking, and working out at the Adidas store in the airport. They had a few weight machines for people to use. They also had a map of the world, sort of, emphasizing America, but honestly, can anyone tell me how there is ONE beach there and it is the obscure little Crystal Cove in Newport, the same beach that is closest to the Marriott timeshare that I just sold? So weird! Anyhow it’s good to know you can just take a ferry from Venice, Italy to Hollywood and that the Grand Canyon is right behind Las Vegas.

I played with this fun interactive screen where you could put your face in a mermaid or submarine. No one was around so I put my face in all the images. Zoom in on the goofy photo below.

The two-hour Korean Air trip was fantastic. They served us lunch which was already pretty spicy, but there was a little tube of spicy sauce if I wanted it. Yikes!

There are now cameras on the front and belly of the plane that you can watch for the whole trip. It’s really interesting. There were mostly clouds on my trip so I just have a picture of the landing.

Then for $7, I got a direct express train right to Seoul Station. I rushed onto the train and forgot to buy a SIM for my phone. I’ll have to solve that problem tomorrow here in the city.