Seoul, Korea – Day 35, April 28

I had the most unbelievably good night’s rest last night. I slept for 10 hours! That happens to me about once a year. So, because of that, I didn’t leave the hotel till 11:15 but my good breakfast in my room counted as my lunch too.

I had one of those days where I kept going the wrong way on the subway, taking an hour to find my way to the Leeum Museum in Itaewon. I knew I was in a special place when the first thing I saw popping out of the subway was a Maserati dealership, and indeed I was.

Every shop, cafe, and home looked expensive. Everything was clean and new or was in the process of being rebuilt. The sidewalks were all paved in granite slabs. It had a Rodeo Drive feel. The Leeum Museum was amazing. Very avant-garde and modern. The photos below are just from the gift shop. Photos were not allowed in the galleries and they were very strict about it.

I walked around Itaewon for a bit and stopped for pastries and a cappuccino.

I went to see a massive flea market. It just went on for blocks and blocks. Out of the blue, I followed an item on a map to see some murals and walked through the textile area of Seoul. It was fascinating to see the moped drivers at work, carrying many rolls of fabric to their customers all over the city. I went back to my hotel for a rest and then headed back out for my second food tour. It was just me and the guide Han. He took me to some really great places and we had a long talk about food and geopolitics.

Now, same old story: I’m doing laundry. Tomorrow I have a city tour and that will be helpful but it’s supposed to rain hard all day so don’t expect great photos.