Last Day in Seoul – Day 39, May 2

I really tried to make the most of my last day in Seoul and as it turns out, my last full day in Asia. The weather is turning back to storms and rain, so I decided to cut the trip short by a week and skip Jeju Island and Busan. I’m disappointed to miss those locations, but they really didn’t sound appealing in what looks like a whole week of wet weather.

I started the day at Seoul Forest, which is actually just a giant park, but what a park. The photos below were just a few of the many beautiful views and facilities there. I could spend days there.

I figured out where to see the sights of the upscale Gangnam neighborhood. And this time I think I saw what the hype is about a bit better, but luxury shopping is really not my thing. They are really stretching it to call one street Rodeo Drive!

Next, I spent about an hour on three different subway lines getting a long way across town to the Yeouido Hangang River Park. I bought a ticket for a boat ride on the river where the number one activity on the boat was to feed the seagulls dried anchovies. I’m not sure anyone else but me was looking at the view. I did have fun taking pictures of the clever seagulls taking the anchovies out of people’s hands.

After this, I took a taxi to the National Museum of Korea. This was an absolutely beautiful museum highlighting the ancient art of Korea. I ran into a couple I met on two different tours earlier in the week. I don’t know anyone here and I kept running into them.

For my last meal here I decided I had to have some more of those dumplings from the Gwangjang Market. I looked for the Netflix lady, but several stalls were covered up and not operating so it might have been her night off. Anyhow, every other stall makes the same dumplings and I had a plateful plus the delicious gimbap – rice, and veggies wrapped in seaweed.

I’m not sure in the future if I’ll ever have it so easy to find a cup of coffee. I have never, ever, ever seen so many coffee shops. I have seen four in a row and three in a row just opposite them. There are big chains and tiny walk-up counters. Everyone seems to be doing pretty brisk business. I can’t imagine how they can all stay in business. One of my guides told me that people here work until five, eat dinner out, get more coffee, and continue working for a few more hours in the evenings.