Córdoba – The Mezquita with Mystique

March 17, 2024

We drove from Sevilla to Córdoba today to see the famous Mezquita. Getting out of the tiny parking garage was a challenge that took many three-point turns. The ride to Córdoba was lovely. We enjoyed seeing the rolling hills of Andalucia with olive groves as far as the eye could see. We saw mostly farms and small villages along the fast EU-built highway.

When we arrived in Córdoba, we parked in a central parking structure near the square. When we arrived, it looked as if the churches had just emptied and everyone had stopped for a beverage, potato chips, and a chat with friends and family at the many bars near the square. After a little walk around the square and some nearby streets, it was finally time for the restaurants to open on this Sunday at 1 pm. Though the cafés in the square looked fun, we could see bright red umbrellas on the roof of an upscale hotel located on the main plaza. From the rooftop restaurant, we enjoyed the view and a lovely lunch of burgers and pasta. For the moment, finally, we felt warm in the sunny skies.

We arrived at the mosque, which is the town’s main attraction, and waited in a long line to see the Mezquita and suddenly we were let in, all at once to this simply amazing house of worship. It was cool and shady inside. There was an entire cathedral plunked into the middle of the former mosque.

So little of my trip to Spain 35 years prior was familiar, but because I have an old photo of the mosque, I know I had been in the Mezquita before. Back then, everything seemed easier and far less crowded. I believe we just wandered up to the door and walked in. Now, almost everything requires advanced ticket purchases at a specific time and an entrance fee averaging 20 Euros.

We drove back to Sevilla and packed up for our driving trip to Granada.