CDMX Day 5

Today I met my driver Christian for a trip out to the homes and studios of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. It was a set of contemporary buildings in an upscale, leafy neighborhood. I loved seeing how they lived and worked, with their paints and brushes still on the paint-splotched desk. There were lovely gated homes and swanky design stores around the homesite.

We drove over to UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and saw the stadium and a bit of the campus, which is a small town on its own. We went to the campus art museum, but it was closed on Tuesdays. Bummer. It had been a long, hot drive out there.

We drove back to the city and ate lunch at this place that makes a very long, sort of “everything taco” with lots of kinds of meat and fillings. It was very good. The cook made a long corn tortilla in a pasta machine and cooked the tortilla briefly before adding the fillings.

We went to the Zocolo and toured Templo Mayor and the main Cathedral. The Templo Mayor is considered the most important archaeological site in Mexico. It was hidden somehow from the Spaniards or they would have destroyed this too like all the other sacred sites they could find. The Cathedral was huge, ornate, and also sinking.

The elevators were faulty in my apartment building so since I didn’t want to risk climbing the 15 floors to my apartment again, I made spaghetti in my apartment and went swimming.

I packed for my morning departure to Arizona.