Seoul – Day 39, May 1

I had a plan to do an Airbnb Experience walk today, and though I was within a few feet of the meeting place, I managed to miss it by one minute. I spent some time trying to catch up with the group but never did. It’s May Day, so a holiday here, and the trains were running behind and I had no idea I would have to wait so long for a train. Oh well, I made the best of it and walked in a beautiful park and had a good lunch at a bakery.

After a rest at my hotel, I took another walk. It was an amazingly fresh, sunny day here in Seoul. I went to Wongaksa Pagoda Park, passing lots of old men playing a board game. There were peaceful political protests with a big, unnecessary police presence, and Seoul Festa with exhibits, and food/drink samples. I walked along a charming stream that was covered for years with an old market before a rejuvenation. See photos.

I took one more walk back to a restaurant called Wine and Flowers for dinner. I had a pizza with arugula and a glass of wine. Like last night at the Marriott, when I had a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, I was most excited about being served with a good napkin, a fork, and a knife. I’ve used a LOT of chopsticks here.