Toledo – Not the Place of our Birth in Ohio

March 9, 2024

Today was our take two on Toledo, this time with pre-paid train tickets. We took a taxi to the train station and found our train. We were on coach 12 with reserved seats. There was a lot of confusion as to which was Coach 12 and which was Coach 2. People were already in our seats but the train was about to depart, so we took three empty seats and made the 36-minute journey to Toledo.

We arrived in the sharp windy cold rain but purchased our tour bus tickets and got on the bus which took us around the city for views, then to the square where we joined up with our walking tour guide. She was adorable and we got the lay of the land and visited the museum, the cathedral, the Jewish Quarter, and the Moorish square. We had a nice lunch and visited the shops. We made a last dash for the hop-on/hop-off bus as a hail storm hit us and we counted our lucky stars to be warm and dry on the bus.

At the charming, 1919 Moorish-style station, we warmed up with tea and then stood in a long blustery line to get back on the train to Madrid.

We had a pleasant trip and I chatted with a lady who suggested we that take a walk in a park below the Palacio Real. I presume she meant on a day with nicer weather.