CDMX Day 2

I have a kitchen and the food options just near my apartment aren’t too great, so I went in search of a decent grocery store. I ended up finding two different stores, one was a Chinese grocery where I found eggs and some fruit, and the other was a Walmart Bodega where I found some yogurt and pasta. I would say neither was actually a decent store, but at a later time I went to a huge supermarket, so I know if I spent any more time there, I’d have taken a taxi to a better grocery store.

But the craziest thing happened just as I went into the Bodega. A huge group of naked men rode by on bicycles. Naked people alert on my photos included in this post! I don’t know what they were up to but they were yelling something like, “Truth!” It was about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. All the clerks and the customers in the shop came out to watch. Everyone was cracking up. They were brave! I hope they had sunscreen on! Mexico is a lot more liberal than I thought. (I looked it up – they were protesting car culture and demanding that cyclists be seen while joining their fellow cyclists in London.)

I walked back with my groceries and ate some lunch. I ate an apple! I have been noting that onions have been my main and sometimes only veggies eaten on any given day. It’s hard to eat well when I travel. I’m prioritizing seeing the sights, not fine dining.

Then I walked to the Turitour bus stop, bought a ticket, and hopped on the bus. It was great and I saw so many sights. We passed through at least one area with very tall buildings. I got off at the Museum of Anthropology, which was an amazing treasure trove of ancient artifacts from the Mayan cultures and others. I walked to the Museo Tamayo with contemporary art, through Chapultepec Park, and saw the castle thing, followed by the Museo de Arte Moderno. Everything was cool so far.

I waited for the tour bus and rode a bit further. Then I switched to the Green Line to take me to the Frida Kahlo museum. It took forever to get there and it was nearly closed when I got there. So I stayed on the bus (1.5 hours so far) as it crawled through the exciting Coyoacán neighborhood. It was just amazing. So many street vendors and adorable restaurants.

The ride back was interminable. Finally, with no food or water or bathroom break, I got off the bus, 3 hours after I got on. I stayed so long because this bus route had taken me 12 miles away from my apartment and I needed to close some of the distance back to home. I was completely out of cash, so I got some cash at an ATM and ate the best tacos so far at Taqueria Orinoco. The tacos I ordered were tender beef with cilantro, aguacate, and grilled onions. Every single hot sauce they offered was way too spicy. I ordered a fabulous bean soup to go with the tacos. Would you believe their bathroom was out of order? Ugh. I hopped in a cab to get home. My driver is also a tour guide so he’s taking me out on a tour tomorrow. The distances are so large here and the traffic is so bad that I don’t know if I can go on the circuitous tourist bus anymore. Glad it was Saturday!