CDMX Day 4

I went on a tour today of the pyramids with Viator. Before we left the city in a nice van with 9 other guests, we visited an archaeological site, which frankly I never did learn what the name of it was. Maybe it was called “Three Cultures”? The three are pre-colonialization, Spanish, and current day.

We went out to the area of the pyramids and stopped at our lunch spot early to see and taste the many uses of an agave plant. They also had an obsidian workshop with a soft sell after the demonstration. I was tempted by the obsidian massager but it looked so much like a dildo that I thought I might get stopped in customs if I had it.

We finally went to the pyramids and had a short lecture on the culture there before we explored the enormous area between the sun and moon pyramids. Technically, according to archaeologists, they are not true pyramids because they don’t have pointy tops. Previously they would have had a lavish temple atop each one and there they would perform many, many human sacrifices. Their wars were mostly over the concept of human and animal sacrifice.

We went back for a nice lunch and then proceeded toward the city. We stopped at a huge basilica with a relic of a piece of clothing that had a picture of a virgin emblazoned on it by the holy spirit. We saw the new church, the relic, and the old, very-tilted church. Mexico City was built on a drained lake and now they are using the groundwater up under the city, so some parts are sinking 20 inches per year. Houston, we have a problem!